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Gardenia's sultry perfume is a must have in the summer time!

This reed diffuser kit includes a white bottle filled with 8oz of diffuser oil and 30 white reeds and will last 8 to 12 months.  Simply remove the cork from the bottle and insert 6 to 10 reeds. All you have to do is flip the reeds once a week for continuous fragrance. 

How many reeds should I use? 

It depends on the size of the room you have it in and what strength you prefer.  Larger rooms and stronger strength will require more reeds. Start with 6 and add more if necessary.

Why 30 reeds?  

All reed diffusers will eventually clog due to over saturation of oil and dust particles settling on the reeds and will no longer diffuse the oil.  If, after 4-5 months of use, you notice that flipping the reeds is not improving the fragrance, simply replace with the included spare reeds. 


Take care when flipping reeds or refilling oil as the diffuser oil can damage textiles and finished surfaces.  Clean spills immediately with a damp cloth.